Marie Manon Corbeil

My name is Marie Manon and I grew up in a small Laurentian village in the province of Quebec. As a child, I observed my father painting beautiful scenery, for his own pleasure, and I still remember the lovely unfinished paintings and paint brushes all around the living room. My first attempts at painting were in my teens but then life took me elsewhere.

I have taken many art classes but I consider myself as a self-taught artist. In 2010, I decided to try abstract painting on canvas, a universe unknown to me, which offers me freedom of expression and movement, which I adore.

I paint only in acrylic. My paintings are spontaneous, I do not make a sketch, I let my brush be guided by my emotions and my imagination.
During the last few years, painting has become a real need. I paint my emotions. It is my therapy, my meditation. A painting created by emotion is the reflection of my identity.

Solo/Group Exhibitions:
January 2015: “Love Show:, Art Spot, Calgary
March 2015: “Raw GRANDEUR”, Standard, Calgary
March 2015: “Permanent Exhibition at Chiropractic Family Care Centre, Calgary
March 2015: “Smoke & Mirrors” Donated painting for Calgary Humane Society
April 2015: “Motion in Art”, Inglewood Community Centre, Calgary
April 2015: “Speed Painting Team” Art Battle fundraiser for Mental Health Aware
May 2015: “Splash Art Market”, Calgary
June 2015: “Tangent”, CAVA, Edmonton

January 2015: RAW Artist
Collective Minds Inc Magazine First Edition
Photo credit for Abstract Acrylic Workshop – Venus Studios, Palm Desert CA

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